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Riebeek Kasteel Week

What to do in Riebeek Kasteel This trip was a "gelukkie" or - a little bit of luck - in English. Some friends were going away and they offered us the use of their home in Riebeek Kasteel. I suspect the main reason was to give their much-loved pets a bit of company....

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Gloucester Fortnight

YHA Welsh Bicknor The background to our fortnight in Gloucester was that we were booked to do a raw food (which is a NOT cooking) course there. My husband had seen Deborah Durrant at the 2013 London Vegfest and signed us up to do her hands-on Feast program. The course...

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Agulhas National Park – South Africa

My decision to start a travel blog in 2010 has landed us a few perks. The most recent, was an invite Our bus by SANParks to stay at the brand new chalets at Agulhas National Park which is the southern-most tip of Africa. The meeting point of the Indian and Atlantic...

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Boating in Holland

Boating in Holland - Zwartsluis, Hardewijk and Naarden For my advice and tips on planning a boating holiday - click on this link. Our first year on our boat was all about getting to know her. Make her our home. Our second year, we First day was rain and more rain...

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Travel Tips

Why you shouldn’t give money to beggars

Cape Town You are likely to find a fair amount of beggars in Cape Town and most of South Africa. They are usually homeless people who turn to begging for survival. Their sad appearance makes them hard to ignore. And circumstances that drive people to the streets can...

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20 Best Money Saving Travel Tips

1. Visit the local tourist information office and get brochures for the tours they have on offer. Then do them yourself for free. Walking tours are also usually cheaper than bus tours. Sure, they take a bit longer, but you get to explore a city or the countryside...

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20 Top Travel Packing Tips

1. Don't pack light colours. They look grubby in no time and you don't want to be worrying about your clothes getting dirty. Pack mostly black or dark colours. They probably also get grubby but at least you can't see it. Black is also versatile. It goes from day to...

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20 Best Travel Tips – Cape Town

1.Cape Town has a Mediterranean climate. Hot in summer and wet in winter. Average summer temperatures are around 20'C and winter temperatures average around 15'C. Daytime temperatures are warm to hot. Winter rainfall is around nine days a month. Summer days are...

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Garden Route South Africa and getting about

Garden Route steps leading to beach The Garden Route is a popular holiday and retirement destination. Coming from Cape Town, it begins around Albertinia which is a tiny and not too exciting place. Give it a miss. The first coastal town is Mossel Bay (Mussel Bay)....

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I live in Green Point, Cape Town, South Africa. One of the most beautiful cities in the world. Lucky me.

The original slant of this travel blog was where to go and what to do in Cape Town, but now I write about our other travels.

We have a boat in Europe and plan to cover the inland waterways over the next decade.

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