Sand dune Namibia

I am leaving in a day for a camping trip into Southern Africa. It’s going to be three weeks of dirt roads and dust. Sleeping in tents and getting up close and personal with nature. My usual weekly posts on what’s going on in Cape Town will take a short holiday. I don’t expect much communication in the bush and am disinclined to want to subject my precious laptop to the current crisis floods in Northern Namibia, endless bumpy roads and piles of fine dust.

When I get back I will share what our neighbouring countries look like in a few posts. Sixteen of us, in a big overland truck, will be going up the west coast of South Africa into Namibia. When I say big truck, I probably should say seriously big truck. The vehicle is 4.1m high, 2,5 m wide and 9,5m long. It is carrying our food, tents, cooking utensils and us.

The tour includes the Fish River Canyon and Ai Ais hot springs, then it heads up and toward the coast where we stay in Swakopmund. From there we go further north to the Caprivi strip and into the Ethosha and Okavango swamp area. Then we head across to Botswana and Chobe Game Reserve. We finally end up in Zimbabwe and Victoria Falls. It’s a long journey.

I will also be spending a few days in the city of gold aka Johannesburg aka Gauteng, also known as Egoli. How does one city get to have so many names? Hopefully, I will get to ride the new Gautrain. I’m told it makes the London underground or the Paris metro look old and ugly. Have to see for myself.
Watch this space!

Photo courtesy of Elred Lawrence

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