Cape foral kingdom
Before your trip

Check expiry date in passport
Book flight
Arrange travel insurance
Get visas
Buy forex and clear credit cards with banks
Prepay any bills due
Make sure all your clothes are washed
Charge all batteries
Make sure your home and car are safe
Check in on-line
Confirm special meals
Switch off appliances where possible
Turn off heating and cylinder
Turn off refrigerator
Divert phone calls
Clear out rubbish
Book airport transfer
Away message on e-mail

Cape floral kingdom

Ensure plants watered and mail cleared
Inform your neighbours
Weigh your luggage
Lock and secure home

Basics items to pack
Suitcase lock
Hand luggage/bag/back pack
Reading material
IPod or music device and ear plugs
Travel guide on destination
Cash in small and large denominations

Cape floral kingdom

Credit and debit cards
Camera, spare batteries and charger
Mobile phone and charger
Vaccination documents
International drivers license
Flight tickets/details
Frequent flyer cards
Travel insurance details
FICA compliance information ie utility bill
Accommodation details
Airport transfer details
Maps or map apps
Phrase book/translator or app
Local money/travellers cheques
Laptop/notebook and charger

Cape floral kingdom

Copies of all flights, passport and travel bookings
Home emergency contact numbers
Luggage tags with your details

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