I have been meaning to go to Mzoli’s for so long now. The thing with being a local is that there is no great rush for me to go anywhere, I can always go next week or the week after, hey I got the rest of my life to get there.

I was so bitterly disappointed when a trendy beach side bar that I had been meaning to visit closed before I got to see it. A friend who is a tour guide suggested we go to Mzoli’s for lunch and I grabbed the chance. I am glad I did a weekday lunch as I have heard Mzoli’s is absolutely packed full on weekends. Jamie Oliver posing in front of Mzoli’s and calling it sexy has helped make it a new must see place in Cape Town.

Lunch Mzoli’s

It’s an affordable day out. You go to the butchery and pick a piece of meat. Accompaniments include pap, steamed bread or umnqusho. I am vegetarian and not partial to pap which is a smooth creamy corn dish. I asked for umnqusho or stamp and beans as it is known in English. It comes with a spicy salsa like salad which is called chakalaka. Yummy stuff! I buy it in tins at the supermarket. My favorite is mild butternut chakalaka. The tinned version is very different to the freshly made chakalaka. But still great.

We bought beers at the bar and relaxed and chatted over our meal. Mzoli’s is in Gugulethu which has a fair amount of informal housing. I love the way old shipping containers are recycled as hair salons. Old corrugated iron is turned into houses. There are even double storey shacks. No wasting going on here. You got to love it!

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