Airport transfers from Cape Town International Airport

Airport transfers from Cape Town International Airport

Walkway entrance to Cape Town International Airport

Cape Town International Airport is situated well out of the centre of  the city of Cape Town. The coordinates are 33° 58′ 10″ S, 18° 35′ 50″ E.

Here is a handy link to the official website where you can find arrival and departure information, maps and more – Cape Town Airport. Another useful link is from South African Tourism. They give statistics and useful, as well as useless, but interesting information – Cape Town International Airport.

Arrivals and Departures Cape Town Airport

Cape Town Airport is a good 20 – 30 minute drive from the airport to the centre of Cape Town. Depending on the traffic. During peak hour traffic, the trip can take even longer. Be well warned, if you need to get to the airport for a flight, and you make the journey during heavy traffic, allow extra time.

The front of the airport

Arranging a transfer from the airport to your accommodation in advance is a good idea. You can catch a taxi from the airport, but taxis are usually the most expensive way to get about and there are far better options.

If you do opt to use a taxi, negotiate the rate before you get in the cab. And make sure the driver has change should you need it. I tend not to trust taxi drivers no matter where I am in the world.

MyCiti bus stop Cape Town Airport

By far the best way to get from the airport to the city and surrounding areas is the MyCiti bus. It runs from the airport to the Civic Centre in the heart of the Cape Town CBD. It costs R57 per person and you cannot beat it for comfort, price and speed.

You can roll a wheelie suitcase right onto the bus and the bus has it’s own dedicated lane for a swift transfer.

Read more about the MyCiti bus service. From the central bus stop in town, you can catch another MyCiti bus or a taxi to your accommodation.

There is only one slight snag with the MyCiti bus service – it terminates around 21.00pm. If your flight is coming or going outside of that time you will have to make an alternate plan.

Runway at Cape Town Airport
There are probably hundreds of airport transfer and airport shuttle service operators in Cape Town. When you consider the MyCiti bus costs R57, these services do seem rather expensive. A shuttle bus can cost anywhere from R200 to R2000. Visitors are sometimes overwhelmed at the airport with drivers trying to score trips and and tours at a later date.
I used to have a bunch of links to various airport shuttle services but the websites die and the links don’t work so I’m not going to include them. But basic search terms like airport shuttle or airport transfer or Cape Town Airport services should help.
Tourism information desk Cape Town Airport
If you plan to self-drive then you can arrange to collect your car at the airport. The usual operators are to be found such as Avis, Enterprise, Europcar, Budget etc. Don’t forget to look for price comparison site too.Make sure to check rates with car hire operators before you leave home. Early bird bookings and loyalty programs may help you get a better deal.


Elephant statue at front of airport
If you don’t plan to hire an car. And if you intend spending most of your time in the city, then Rikkis Cabs is probably your best bet for getting about. They have free phones all over the city and you can call a share cab to collect you at a nominal rate.
They also do airport transfers. Find Rikkis on this link – rikkis.
Most tours operators collect you on a tour bus so you may well find that you don’t need a car and using Rikkis cabs will be the best option.
For moving about between the regions of South Africa, there are a good few long haul bus companies, trains and flights. I would not use the trains as I am not convinced they are safe. My preference is for a domestic airline. I also like the Baz Bus. Read more about Baz Bus here – Baz bus. For price comparisons on domestic flights in South Africa visit these three web sites – sa flightssky scanner and best flights.
There should be plenty info for getting to your accommodation in this post. Happy traveling!Click here for more on Cape Town.

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