Agulhas National Park – South Africa – Part 3

Agulhas National Park – South Africa – Part 3

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I said at the beginning of this feature that I had NO idea how much SANParks is investing back into

A must-do is this lady’s talk about the tip of Africa

South Africa and its people. It’s not only what they do but also the associations they form within areas to preserve environments and create opportunities.

The next part of our day was spent visiting Nuwejaars Wetland SMA, which is a Special Management Area. SANParks are engaging with 25 local farmers who own 45 600 ha of

Lunch at the Black Oyster catcher restaurant

land near Agulhas. The goal is to manage the environment with a social and sustainable approach to ensure the land is cared for. They help fund alien vegetation removal and reintroduce indigenous plants. Alien vegetation is a huge threat to local fynbos and unless tackled will wipe out plants that only exist in this region.

There is also a program whereby farmers allocate land to breed the almost extinct

Black Oyster Catcher wine

kwagga as well as buffalo and hippo. Read more about this initiative on the website –

Lunch was hosted at the Black Oyster Catcher restaurant. We were treated to a sumptuous lunch with bottles of Black Oyster Catcher wines which are produced from locally grown grapes in Elim. Read more about them on their

SAN Parks Junior Rangers arrive on a bus

website – Our lunch was a leisurely affair and we took a rain-check on a planned boat trip to Struis Baai (Ostrich Bay). The weather also conspired against us as it had been blustery since the morning. We all took advantage of the gap in the programeand once back at Agulhas National Park either went for a walk or had a rest.

Other activities to consider in the area are: –

  • hiking
  • whale watching
  • birdwatching
  • wine tasting
  • museums – Shipwreck Museum in Bredasdorp,Heritage Centre in Elim and Lighthouse Museum in L’Agulhas

By supper time we had eaten plenty good food during the day. Most of us had smaller portions. We ended up talking

Buffalo breeding initiative

about our country and it’s history. Yet more interesting conversation and an early night.

Our last morning we were collected by our trusty bus driver and taken to the very tip of Africa. We all took snaps of ourselves at the actual spot which marks the tip, and then made

Southern-most tip of Africa

our way to a restaurant in Agulhas where we had a full breakfast. Bellies full and much wiser we made our way back home.

My husband and I travel a fair amount in Europe but we are always bragging about our beautiful home country. I could never refuse an opportunity to enjoy our local spaces, particularly the chance to spend time in a wild natural environment. This weekend made a big impression on me.

Apart from being able to enjoy an area of such beauty, I left feeling inspired by the genuine desire of the people at SANParks to make a

Greenie and husband at the land mark spot

difference. And the love of fellow travelers and journos for South Africa. We shared special places to visit and travel ideas and tips.

To read about other places we have visited, open the Holidays and Trips gallery at the top of this page.

More travel stories soon,

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