Cape baboon, Chacma baboon

Cape baboon, Chacma baboon


Our mountains are home to the famous, or sometimes infamous, Cape Baboon. His proper name is Chacma Baboon. They are less prevalent in the city centre but if you head out toward Cape Point, you should see them sitting on the sides of the roads or on rocks.

They hang out in troops and the cutest little babies hang onto their mother’s tummies. They look harmless and sweet. And visitors frequently get out their cars to take photos or worse, get up close and personal with these apes.

Human fascination with these creatures is actually harming them and their numbers are being carefully monitored. By giving food to baboons, people have taught them to become too lazy to scavenge for their own food. If they see food in a car, they will attempt to take it.

Warning sign

Residents on the south peninsula have big problems with these creatures. They come into their homes and steal food. They turn over garbage bins and they get highly aggressive. They bite!
A drive around the peninsula is a lovely day out but do exercise caution with these animals. Observe them from the safety of a car. They are not cute pets. Don’t try and touch them.

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