Where to eat? I am a very fussy eater. Don’t do meat. Don’t do junk food. And I want good prices. But I manage to eat well and achieve all that.

The three “fast” food chains I support are Simply Asia – stir fries and green curries, Osumo – fresh juices, wraps and salads and Kauai – more fresh juices, wraps and salads. All three have branches all over Cape Town. In the picture, to the left,  you can just see Kauai in Green Point.

Giovanni’s Deli in Main Road Green Point have the yummiest food. Balsamic roasted onions, Caprese salad, olive tapenade … And the coffee there is good too.
A 10% tip is customary here and as said in a previous post many waitrons rely on that tip for income. Service is usually good. Not excellent but good.

I have had a bad experince at a trendy spot in Green Point. I wanted a breakfast like my friend but a vegetarian version. They charged me more for less food. The reason? Mine was a “special” meal and they had to ring up my items individually. And that was the owner telling me that.

If you do get ripped off here, go on-line and rant to Hello Peter. It won’t cost you anything and it works. Many large companies keep an eye on what get’s said at Hello Peter.

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