View from Table Mountain

In my last blog I was waxing about how incredibly wonderful South Africa and South Africans are. Funny thing is, the rest of the world don’t see us like that. I can’t count the amount of times after I was asked where I was from, people would ask me about crime and how I manage to live with it. It’s almost as if they think we’re all living in fear here.

I can’t lie and say we don’t have crime. We’re definitely at the top end of the statistics lists. And while most of the people I mix with have not been affected by crime, I do know some people who have. Crime happens in hot spots and for the most part – to people who don’t take proper care. If you leave a laptop on the passenger seat of your car, well don’t expect to find it when you come back. If you get blind drunk and walk off in a dark alley, there is a chance you will be attacked. If you don’t do stupid things you should be fine.

But there is good news. Crime in SA is coming down. National Crime Statistics showed our murder rate had dropped by 8.6% since last year. Soccer Cup went off with hardly a glitch. Except for the soccer team that invited ladies of the night into their hotel and left cash lying around. Then wondered why their money got nicked. I can tell them why. But then what do I know?

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