I must be wearing my heart on my sleeve. And for that a few people have suggested that I may have flown the flag a little too high for South Africa. Full time soccer fans deserve massive respect. Loving a team for better or for worse can be a roller-coaster ride. To restate the obvious, the gap between South Africa and the lowest deserving team in this Soccer World Cup is like 50 rank spaces. Whoever we take on, it will be a David and Goliath encounter.
So when we held off Mexico, we did damn well. Even France lost to them last night. We played badly against Uruguay. Our naivety was apparent. I still say – that ref was unnecessarily heavy handed with us.

But the sun came up the next day. Today will not be cold and wet here in Cape Town like it was for Italy vs. Paraguay game. Boris Johnson and a few English luminaries are making appearances in our newspapers. The England vs. Algeria game should be interesting. Hopefully Robert Green can redeem himself.

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