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Our second night in Zwolle was a whole lot better than the first. The sun came out and we went walk-about. Zwolle is quite a big place. The old city is an island completely surrounded by a canal or moat. It’s definitely worth a day or three depending on your time budget. If you pop into the Stedelijk Museum – click here for more – which is also the Tourism Office, they will give you a complimentary map of the old city so you can locate the special places. We did a shop-up at G and W Gesondheidzwinkel (a Dutch health shop chain), Waanders in de Broeren (map, post card, souvenir and book store) and at Huisman – a boat supply store near the marina.

Shangri La covered up

Overnight we heard a commotion which went on until the early hours. The next day, the old town had been completely transformed. A mobile amusement park had set up and the town was overwhelmed by dodgem car rides, roller coasters, stalls where you can win ‘prizes’ and God alone knows what else! You hardly had place to walk as all the spare space had been filled. And by late morning the peace and quiet was gone. Boom boom music, flashing lights, squeals and screams and

Fireworks in Zwolle

heaving motors permeated the area.

We escaped by taking a walk to Korendijk Watersport shop which is hell and gone, in an industrial area, to look for boat supplies. A new VHF radio, fly screens, light bulbs and rain repellent for the windscreen. The owners of Koerndijk were surprised we walked there and suggested we walk back along the canal. Great idea and a lovely walk next to boat and water houses on the banks of the canal.

Wi-fi at the marina was courtesy of the local hotel, but, you had to pop in for coffee or a drink to get signal.

Entrance to Shangri La

Which we did. Clearly the locals were also fed up with the racket from the fun fair. Our waitress had to lean in close, and we had to scream to get our order in. Next to the cafe, a dragon ride was going round and round shouting – Yabba Dabba Doo! After catching up on communication we did a bit of people watching, then headed home for a vegan burger which my husband made before we left.

The marina at Zwolle was OK. The water and power were coin operated and metered. Their ablution facilities looked like a portable add-on arrangement. A bit like a ship container box. We certainly have had better marinas, but what we liked was the proximity to the city. We were right next to the shops and eateries. A bit too close if they happen to have a festival in town. All was forgiven when they staged a spectacular fireworks display on the banks opposite our boat later that evening. We got to prepare our boat for a possible fire. Not so easy on a boat that was still strange to us.

Shangri La cellar storage

Each boat is different. Apart from different makes, there’s a lot going on. My husband says a boat is like a mini city. It has generators, banks of batteries, inverters, water supplies, hot water systems, central heating, navigation, electronics, engines, bow-thrusters, and so on. Over the years new things are added and figuring out what and how it all works and fits together is a challenge. Thank God my husband knows a fair amount and cares enough to want to manage as much as he can on his own. I realise I will have to learn how to turn on the various functions and what not to do as some point. For now, I’m letting him do it all.

What we like about our new boat is our generator gets the

Zwolle invaded by fun fair

shower water piping hot in 15 minutes flat, that our water and fuel supply is more than adequate (750 litres each). There is plenty storage space – even a wine cellar in the hull! We love the nautical touches, brass lamps, wooden decking, a clock that chimes the bells of a watch on a ship and brass hooks everywhere – they all get used.

What we thought we wouldn’t like is – the electric hob, but we are realising that electric cooking is going to be a lot easier than gas. We thought we would get a dinghy and bicycles but we’re not so sure anymore. My husband was nervous about how the boat would handle and whether the bow-thruster had enough oomph but he’s more than happy with all that.

Zwolle before it was invaded 

However, we knew that the curtains, upholstery and some of the navigation equipment will ultimately have to be replaced. And the shower door leaks. And the loo doesn’t always properly fill with water. But then boats and toilets are always a problem. Nautical people will understand. Besides it’s always better to use shore ablution facilities as they pump sewerage away. And we keep bumping out heads when we walk into the galley.
We’ll get there.

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