It’s back to the telly and soccer this evening. It’s been two long days of replays. The news is dominated by problems relating to ticket sales, this Jabulani ball and some awful referee calls. Can’t blame South Africa for any of that.
And the other item dominating news is how many people have really, really come to South Africa.
South Africa is first-world by African standards. We get a lot of visitors from the rest of Africa who come to shop and do business. Soccer aside.
I love Nationmaster for statistics. How about these numbers? In 2005 South Africa was the 25th most visited country in the world. To put that in context France is number 1 and Cyprus is in 54th place. Thailand is 19th and Australia is 36th. Germany is 10th and India is at number 40. Looks like people like coming here. And I got a feeling the 2010 Soccer World Cup will push us higher. Wonder what all the naysayers think of that?
Picture courtesy P Gillespie

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