Ranch day trip – lunch hall

In – Part 1 – of this blog series posted a fortnight ago, I talk about backdrop events to our visit and our hotel. In – Part 2, which went out last week, I give suggest what to do and see in Buenos Aries.

Ranch day trip – museum

We noticed what we thought were Native American Indians playing pan flutes and drums in the streets. We loved the music and bought a CD from them. Turns out they are the original inhabitants of Argentina. It’s hard to get that. The native people are present in such small numbers that you don’t see them. Much like indigenous people in Australia. 

There are multiple bus tours available. Your hotel should be able to provide you with options or tour companies will give you details. Buenos Aries does not have a tourism office that you walk into. But there are kiosks where you can get free maps and pamphlets.

Ranch day trip – gaucho

Here are some ideas: –

A day trip to the beaches in – Uruguay – and – Montevideo
The – Tigre Delta
City – bus tours
A day trip via the – Pampas – to a hacienda
including traditional food, Tango dancing and Gauchos showing off their skills with horses and lassos
Visit the – Gran Chaco – area to see the arts and crafts of the indigenous – Toba – people

Ranch day trip – Barbecue

Do I even need to say that finding food for vegetarians is tough? Meat in Argentina is supposed to be the best in the world and steak houses abound. They have a fair amount of Italian food so pizza and pasta is readily available. We found a food hall in the city that had a vegetarian vendor – Green and Co – which was great and we headed straight there every evening. 

Ranch day trip – gauchos rounding up horses

As far as safety is concerned. We were warned to be vigilant. There are street people. Whole families live on the streets. There was a family who slept in the street opposite our hotel. People beg for money and accost the cars trying to sell anything from tea towels to hats. 

Giving money to beggars only perpetuates the problem as people learn to make a living scrounging and continue to do so. If you do feel moved to make a difference, donate to a charity that uplifts impoverished people. 

At the top of this page is a link for travel and safety tips which are applicable anywhere in the world.

Vegetarian food at Green & Co in the city

In the end we had a city break with two day trips. We did the Tigre Delta, which is this amazing area where people live on the water. It is only accessible by boat. And we did the hacienda or ranch day trip. We got to see a bit of the Pampas from the bus when were taken to a lovely big old house on a ranch.

Gauchos strut around and help with the midday meal and then impressed us by getting their animals to do all sorts of things. We had a display of tango dancing which was nice. At La Boca the dancers would only dance if you gave them money. We ate our fill at the ranch. There was plenty food and wine.

We did as much as we could but I do wish we had managed to visit Uruguay. 
Maybe next time.

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