I hope most people are pleasantly surprised when they arrive at Cape Town airport. They should be. The airport is brand new and we now have a gleaming new IRT or Integrated Rapid Transport bus up and running. One wonders why it took us so long to get a municipal airport transfer? The IRT bus station is right outside the front door of the airport and costs R50 to get to the city centre. From there you can catch the IRT or a Golden Arrow bus or the train or a taxi to your final destination.
Visit the Cape Town City Council website for timetables. Use Google Earth for a map or to gauge distances.

As said before, I am not well travelled, but I have done a bit of travelling. Some of the airports in the rest of Africa are … well let’s just say rustic. I recall Zanzibar airport. The arrivals board had the flight of the day written on a chalk board. That was if there were enough people to justify a flight. There is a charm to such simplicity. However I failed to find being stranded at the airport after I had spent all my holiday money in any way appealing. And the good news is we don’t have volcanoes here.

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