Well look what we have! Our very own London Eye. Except it’s a Cape Town Eye. You will find it at the entrance to the V and A Waterfront. This one is probably not as tall as it’s older cousin in the UK, but the views are going to be fabulous. Let’s hope it stays up.

Cape Town is sometimes called the second city of light and the vista of twinkling lights at night will be breathtaking from this Ferris wheel. I sometimes treat myself to a drive along Signal Hill Road, on my way home from a night out, so I can gaze at the city lights.

Africa doesn’t always get a good rap in the press and is often judged harshly by western countries. A nice newsletter to read or subscribe to is – Africa, The Good News. It’s not all despots and tribal wars here. The simplicity of life in Africa can be refreshing in contrast to the gotta-have-it-all culture of wealthier nations.

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