My personal bias does prevent me from mentioning luxury hotels and fine dining establishments in this blog. Good food to me is organic, preferably vegan and enjoyed with loved ones in the comfort of my home or somewhere natural, relaxed and informal. But I do realise there’s a world full of people and tastes.

Many of my friends and family thoroughly enjoy splashing out on a meal or a weekend at a fabulous venue. And we have plenty of them here in Cape Town. If money is no object or if you still spend anyway, then here are some ways to part with large amounts of money to indulge yourself to the max.

If you have one, you could park your super-yacht at the V and A Waterfront and spend a night or two at The One and Only. They boast a full six stars. If their ambiance is not quite to your taste The Cape Grace, The Table Bay, The Mount Nelson or The Radisson may do it for you. Shop till you drop at Gucci, Burberry, Byblos, Louis Vuitton et al at The Waterfront. Local designers to visit are Marion and Lindie, GGDT and Malcolm Kluk.

We have international restaurants such as Nobu or Gordon Ramsay’s Maze. But you could try one of our very own fine dining establishments such as Savoy Cabbage, Aubergine, Emily’s, and so on and on.
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Picture courtesy of Jemma Fletcher

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