What to do in Cape Town

Cape Point

In closing the three part series on Cape Town, here are a few things to try or places to visit while you are in Cape Town.

1.    Go for afternoon high tea at the Mount Nelson Hotel or The Nelly as she is known locally.
       Mount Nelson
2.    Visit Atlas Trading, Wale Street, Bo Kaap for an incredible selection of spices, incense and more.
3.    The organic food and craft market at the Neighbourgoods Market in Salt River, or the City Bowl
       Market, Hope Street. Get there early. They can get seriously crowded. neighbourgoods market
       city bowl market

Long Street

4.    A leisurely stroll along Lower Main road in Observatory for bric-a-brac, old books, anything. It’s a great place to pass time.
5.    Green Point flea market and Milnerton market late Sunday mornings.
6.    Coffee at Giovanni’s Deli in Green Point, they’re open early till late. They make the best coffee and their deli foods are to die for. Think balsamic roasted onions, aubergine carpachio, delicious chocolates and sumtuous wines.
7.    Join the crowd and do a “full moon” hike up Lion’s Head if you around during a full moon.
      view from Lions Head
8.    Find healthy fast food outlets Kauai or Osumo across Cape Town. Kauai menu
9.   The funky fashion and food vendors along Long Street and surrounding streets.
10.     A curry or roti at Biesmiellah, Wale Street, Bo Kaap. Biesmiellah menu

And lastly some unique South African foods to look for when shopping or eating out: –

Volvo Race V and A Waterfront

1.    Rooibos tea with Ouma buttermilk rusks. Dip the rusks in your tea. That’s how it’s done.
2.    For a local sweet treat try Melktert, Koeksisters or Malva pudding.
3.    For a dried meat snack, biltong and droewors are favourites. Also available in exotic meats such
       as kudu and ostrich.
4.    Smoked snoek and curried fish are local fish favourites. You can buy tinned curried fish at the
5.    Waterblommetjie bredie is a type of curry made with a local plant/flower as the main ingredient.
6.    Mrs Ball’s chutney is a fruit condiment somewhat similar to Branston pickle.
7.    Frikadelle and boerwors are cooked typical meatballs and sausages.
8.    Ostrich meat is dark, low in fat and tastes quite different. Try it as a steak, sausage or burger.

Rock formation on Table Mountain

9.    Mealie meal or pap and umngqusho (nush) are both polenta type meal accompaniments.
10.    Potjiekos is a slow cooked meat and vegetable stew made in a cast iron pot.
11.     Pepperdews are a pickled capsicum/cherry tomato hybrid. Heaven on a pizza or in a salad.
12.     South Africa wines. Even the bad wines are good.
13.    Buchu brandy. A revitalising remedy used by the San people and early settlers.

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