Unless you are planning to go out to The Wine-lands or drive around Cape Point, you can easily get about on a scooter. There are plenty scooter hire places. Parking and traffic problems instantly disappear. The only preclusion to using a bike is cold or wet weather. The bike is slippery on wet tar and being cold and wet makes me very grumpy.

One experience well worth trying is a visit to a health spa or beauty salon. Prices here are usually very good. Romney Spa, corner Hill and High Level Roads have a flotation tank. Most of the top end hotels have spas but their prices are top end too. There are plenty of spas and salons all over Cape Town. Yellow Pages lists most of them and if you go walkabout you’re sure to find plenty.

If you are travelling on a budget then try the International Day Spa. It’s where the students get to practice on bodies under the auspices of their tutors. You can even get cut price laser treatments there. And why not return home a more pampered version of yourself. You deserve it.

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