Where to shop and what to buy in Cape Town?
The main shopping malls are – The V and A Waterfront in the city; Cavendish Square in the near south and Canal Walk in the near north. They  feature more or less the same merchandise available all over the world – decor, clothing, foods, etc. Plus cafes, cinemas and the usual extras one would find in a mall. Same old stuff.

My preference is toward the more interesting and unusual. So Long Street and Greenmarket Square (in picture) are where I would go. Explore the edgy decor shops and funky fashion boutiques. You should find a vintage clothing shop or two and and antique traders. If you are fit enough, and walk all the way up Kloof Street, near the top is Stock Exchange. They trade in second hand designer clothing. Look out for Wellness Warehouse on the way up Kloof Street. They are packed full of organic and eco-friendly merchandise. Maybe take in an organic buffet breakfast or lunch while you are there?

Should you have free time on a Sunday then wander around the Green Point flea market for gifts for the family. The Red Shed and the Blue Shed at the V and A Waterfront are indoor craft markets, so you can still shop if the weather is rubbish. Do invest in Environ skin care products. They were developed by a local plastic surgeon and are very affordable here. Environ has cult status amongst A-list celebrities abroad. Your skin will thank you.

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