Much happiness and joy here! Our boys Bafana Bafana beat Denmark on Saturday. They must be feeling the love and a lot of pressure from all of us. Cape Town and I presume South Africa, is ablaze with car flags, window flags, street flags, shopping mall flags, socks on rear view mirrors. The South African flag is everywhere. I saw a guy on a Harley at a traffic light with an massive flag attached to his bike. Stories abound of street vendors making a small fortune overnight selling all this paraphernalia.
And our famous, and at times infamous, vuvuzela sound also emanates from nowhere all day long.
The vuvuzela was a goat horn used in days gone by to call villagers. The low foghorn type sound would travel across hills and valleys. Now it is a weapon to destroy opposing football teams en masse. It makes a hellava noise. But if you can’t beat them? Then you just have to join them. Vuvuzelas are dirt cheap at the supermarkets now. I think it’s time to get one in green.
Picture courtesy SA Tourism

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