These poster boards are put up to help people identify our local fauna. This particular board can be found along The Promenade in Sea Point. There are different ones. They explain more about whales and whatever is of interest wherever you happen to be.

Whales are not so easy to spot because they look like rocks in the sea. But a tell tale sign is water blowing up from their backs. Rocks don’t do that. We get whales this side but they are more frequently seen in False Bay, which is the warm water side of the mountain. They can come up close. They roll about and flick their fins and tails in the air.

Sea gulls are impossible to miss and if you are hoping to have a picnic on the grass in Sea Point. Be prepared to share. They swoop down and pinch your food so fast. In fact in no time a huge amount of them will be hovering about. Even the restaurants along the coast have to chase them away. They eye you out, ever hoping to steal some of what is on your plate. An excellent pocket guide on all that is natural in Cape Town is available from SA National Parks. It’s called Mountains in the Sea.

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