Confession time! I have never particularly loved soccer and have no idea what the rules of the game actually are. Had the 2010 Soccer World Cup not come to South Africa, that would never have changed.
Three months back Bafana Bafana weren’t even ranked in the top 100 football teams in the world and they lost to the Namibian amateur team. Our only claim to being in the Soccer World Cup is that we are the host nation.
Well that has all changed. I am suddenly loving soccer along with a host of new soccer fans. And Bafana Bafana drew 1-1 against Mexico yesterday. Mexico are ranked 17th in the world!
What I am really trying to say is all of a sudden we have gone soccer mad here in South Africa. I am discussing the game with people, who like me, couldn’t have cared less before. We have willed our boys right up the soccer rankings. The coach might also have had a hand in it. And yes, our boys have made us proud.
Viva! Vuvuzelas! Whatever! We are so feeling the love right now.
Photo courtesy of P Gillespie

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