I was amazed at how similar the Scottish heather in the picture is to our fynbos back home. It’s a hardy, bushy plant with little flowers. I got to thinking of other things that are typically Scottish and their South African equivalent.

So to go all Scottish, how about bag-pipes, haggis, Ben Nevis, tartan, whisky, Gerry Rafferty, Highland cows, The Outer Hebrides, shortbread and Franz Ferdinand.

Now to run a South African version of this we have vuvuzelas, boerewors, Table Mountain, leopard print, Cape wines, Lucky Dube, Afrikaner bulls, Robben Island, rusks and The Parletones.

Oh and we drink our tea in South Africa. The Scots ask me what I am having for tea and they mean the evening meal. My brain doesn’t understand how a person can eat tea.

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