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One of the – must-sees – is Onofrio’s Fountains. Naturally, enthusiastic tourist that I am, I took an obligatory sip of water. I looked up afterwards and saw birds sitting on the top of this fountain. I did wonder if I had just ingested bird droppings and promptly decided that fountain water wasn’t for me. Apart from walking the city flat and exploring, it’s also possible to go – kayaking – or laze in the sun on one of their – beaches.

Rubbing Gregory of Nin’s toe

We stayed at a guesthouse just off the cobblestone streets of Dubrovnik our first and last few nights. The standard of this place was good. Breakfast is usually included and I would strongly suggest always having breakfast in-house as finding breakfast on the streets in Croatia is a huge problem. These people don’t seem to have much more than a strong cup of coffee to start the day. I also have to point out that vegetarians can expect to struggle to find food. I get so tired of moaning about the limited options at restaurants and cafes for vegetarians but I have to be honest, Croatia was one of the worst places I have been to in that regard. Atkins, Dukan and Paleolithic diet fans will have no problem.

We moored in Trogir a UNESCO town

After a day in Dubrovnik we took a bus up to Split where we overnighted next. As we got off the bus a hoard of people touting accommodation came rushing at us. We decided to go with a sweet looking little old lady and followed her through winding roads and alleys. She rushed us into a room and before we even knew it – she was gone. The room was dreadful. The beds were basic, the carpets and linen threadbare. The towels were stained. The bath taps leaked and the bath was well worn. We probably should have left but we had no idea where we were, where to start looking and it was only for one night, so we stuck it out. And it’s not like we got a cheap rate for this run down spot. Lesson learned. Don’t ever go looking for accommodation in that manner. Rather book in advance on-line.

Trogir – where we moored the boat for two nights

Split is the second largest city in Croatia. Much like Dubrovnik it has an old town, but it’s also a modern vibrant city. I managed to squeeze in a mini shopping session at H and M. And yes I did stroke St Gregory of Nin’s foot like many other people have. That poor foot is wearing away and is quite thin.
The city is dominated by the palace of former Roman Emperor Diocletian and the waterfront area with cafes and bars. Here – is a list of beaches in split. 

You can also take a ferry to visit one of the many Croatian islands from Split. Find a link to the – timetables. A lengthy list of to-do’s is – here

Next week is – Part 3 – and the final part of the Croatian boating holiday.

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