In the UK they have urban foxes. Their foxes remain wild and are difficult to spot as they are so sensitive and frighten easily. They scavenge from bins in the cities. And they have badgers that come into the gardens and wreak havoc.
Not to be outdone in South Africa, we have a couple of nocturnal animals that come out and do their thing. Except, I would say some of our animals are a bit more scary. In the picture is a hippo. They tend to live in reserves or sanctuaries. But there are often residential areas and tourist accommodation nearby.
Hippos can be very scary. They may appear cumbersome but they can move swiftly and their size makes them downright dangerous.
Just outside the city, we have Seekoeivlei, meaning hippo swamp and Rondevlei, meaning round swamp where some hippos live. Every now and again a territorial dispute causes the hippos to make the papers as a result of their unruly behaviour.

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