In the picture are some African beads. I had to include this picture. Our fabrics and beads are so lively and colourful. So is our flag. The sun shines, people smile. South Africa is a happy place.

In the news is the case of British journalist, Simon Wright, who is set to go to trial this weekend. There is alleged conspiracy between him and the soccer fan who walked into the English team’s dressing room. I will be watching the outcome with interest. A lot of what is said in foreign newspapers about us is such rubbish. I often wonder where they get their stories.

Every country has some funny names. In England we came across a Pratt’s Bottom and a Nether Wallop. We have funny names here too. There is Kokstad, the stad part means town in English. How about Tweebuffelsmeteenskootmorsdoodgeskietfontein? Whew! That means – two buffaloes with one shot killed completely dead fountain. Die Hell means The Hell. There is a Tietiesbaai, the baai part means bay. Then Amatikulu means big spit. Gingindlovu is a right tongue twister meaning the place of the elephant. It was a sort of cockney slang for a double gin and you can love her back in the day.

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