Boat launches Waterfront

After a long hard day of sightseeing, sometimes all you want to do is rest up your feet. One of my favorite services to use is Mr Delivery. They have the local restaurant menus on-line so you can see what is out there without moving too much.

Another place who deliver if you enjoy pizza is Butlers. Their drivers arrive dressed up in suits and bow ties.

You should tip the driver. That’s how they make their money. Most waitrons rely on tips for their income. They don’t get paid much per shift and certainly don’t get health insurance or any extras. Ten percent is the accepted standard in South Africa.

There are also loads of yummy delis, bakeries, fruit and farm stalls and more all over the place. A handy guide to find those nearest to you is the Eat In guide. You can buy the latest copy at the nearest newsagent or find them on-line.

Think cooking classes to on-line maps and why Conde Nast named Cape Town the 8th best city in the world.

And to round off this post, I thought I would share this with you. Cape Town has the fifth best blue skies in the world. Yip! That’s according to the UK National Physical Laboratory.

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