Kloof Street, Gardens

The association with crime and South Africa has been brought up again with the murder of Anni Dewani, wife of Shrien Dewani, in Cape Town. A few posts back I said that crime almost always occurs in hot spots and that plain common sense should keep you safe.

The international media have had a field day with the story. UK journalists had a go at our national police commissioner Bheki Cele. “Can you assure us no other tourists will get killed?” was apparently asked of him.

I do think it incumbent on tourists to observe basic safety protocol. Surely that should apply no matter where you travel? With regard to this story there are a good few things I would never have done. I am fairly certain that the 5 star hotel where they were staying would also have offered good advice.

I would not go to a hot spot at 11.00pm at night. I would only travel to a hot spot with an approved driver or tour guide. I would never go to a hot spot with a stranger. I would know exactly where I was going and would in all likelyhood have known that the restaurant they were looking for was closed. I know that I would never have been in that car, with that person, in that place, at that time. Never!

That’s not to say I have never been to a township or that I don’t go out. I have and I do. Locals are watching this case unfold. We would also like to know what happened. Visit our webiste for all the best safety and travel tips we have come across. Click here – health, safety, travel and money saving tips.

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