We are making our way through the remaining 16 teams and games. A good few upsets and some pleasant surprises.
Ghana has held the flag for Africa. Much speculation on why Africa has not done better in the news. It’s mainly attributed to a lack of funding, leading to less opportunities and exposure. South America have done well and Japan have been an unexpected surprise. But as the teams knock each other out, so we say goodbye.
The weather Gods and Goddesses have really been on our side. It is winter here in Cape Town after all. For the most part we have had clear blue skies and daily temperatures around 20′ C or more. Next thing they will be saying we have had a drought and we will have new water restrictions. But for now we’re not complaining.
I am surprised at the mix of nationalities who have come for the Soccer World Cup. Countries that never had teams here in the first place. We have had guests book with us from Israel, Malaysia, India and a lot of Canadians.
Photo courtesy P Gillespie

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