Green Point at night during Soccer Cup 2010

Coming home is a bit like getting wrapped up in a thick warm blanket on a cold wet night. It’s the same oldness that feels so right and comfortable. Especially since I have had three and a half months of always different. I can find and eat what I want to. Me and the guy who sells the Big Issue on our corner street are on first name terms. I know what to expect with the weather and I won’t get lost if I go for a run.

Europe is in many ways far more trendy and affluent than we are back here in SA. But there is a wholesome naivety about South Africans. We don’t fear lawsuits or risking our health and safety. We say what we think and we mean what we say. We make do on far less and we get things done without fuss. I like that about us. Actually I love that about us and before I left I said that was what I would miss.

 A friend passed the picture on to me of Green Point during the Soccer World Cup. I have to add, that apart from our down-to-earthness, we live in a spectacular city. I am so glad to be back home. I hope other people can see just what it is about being right here in Cape Town that makes me happy.

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