Here are some foods you should consider trying while in South Africa. First up is a Pepperdew. It’s a tomato come chilli hybrid that we eat on pizza, in salads or mixed into a dip. It has a slight bite from the chilli mixed with the sweetness of  tomatoes.
Other foods to try if you get the chance are a Potjie (little pot) which is a whole meal slow cooked in a cast iron pot on a fire. Maybe consider ostrich meat which is very low in fat? Try it as a steak or sausage.
Rusks are a sort of not too sweet, chunky biscuit that we dunk in tea and eat soggy. It’s not rude to do that here and it tastes a lot nicer that it sounds.
We call a barbecue a braai. A braai is a weekend institution and most weekends on a sunny day the aroma of meat on a fire pervades the suburbs.
A bredie is a stew and we have one called Waterblommetjie Bredie. Little waterflower stew. They taste much like green beans.
You could also try pap or umngqusho and gravy. I can’t pronounce umngqusho, it’s full of clicks in Xhosa. Just say nush and people will understand you. Pap is usually served crumbly and similar to polenta. Umsgqusho is a sticky bean and corn side dish that we eat as others do mash potato. I buy it ready-made in a can at the local supermarket. Happy tasting!

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