Rooibos tea

Here in South Africa, if you order a cup of tea, you will asked if you would like Rooibos tea or Regular tea. Rooibos means red bush in English. Rooibos tea is a deep reddish colour and is naturally caffeine free and low in oxalic acid. It is also high in vitamins and minerals relative to other teas. We use it as a thirst quencher for babies.

I drink mine as I do regular tea, with milk. It can be drunk as one would a herbal tea, with lemon or honey.

Rooibos is indigenous to the Cape and is part of the fynbos – fine bush in English – family of plants. The Cape with it’s Mediterranean type and sometimes harsh climate can be unforgiving to vegetation. Fynbos thrives where no other plants will grow. There are over 2600 species of indigenous plants in the Cape Peninsula alone – more than the entire United Kingdom.

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