In the photo is Table Mountain. No not our beloved Table Mountain in Cape Town. This one is in Wales. This Table Mountain is in the Brecon Beacons National Park and is about 600 metres high. In an earlier post I was saying we have place names from the UK in SA. One wonders if Australia, the USA, Canada; basically all the Commonwealth countries or countries where settlers were sent, all have the same place names. Could there be 3 Dundee’s, 5 Table Mountains, a couple of Yorks?

Except our Table Mountain was originally called Tafelberg by the Dutch and there is no mistaking it’s flat top and definite table like appearance. And ours is about 1000 metres high.

I get home in less than a fortnight. Table Mountain welcomes people arriving in Cape Town as the N2 heads toward the city. It never ceases to touch me and make me feel like I live in the most beautiful city on earth. Can’t wait!

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