Kitchen in self catering unit Cape Coast Views

We have done a fair bit of traveling and we run our own guesthouse, so I feel somewhat confidant to talk about the standard of accommodation in Cape Town.

You get pretty much the same old selection of options that one finds anywhere in the world in Cape Town. Hotels, hostels, back-packers, B and B’s and guesthouses. And South African accommodation is probably much the same.

Except, I would say, that on average, room sizes are bigger than you would find in other large cities such as London, Paris and New York. Usually the rooms are clean. You should find your South African hosts are friendly to a fault.

The feedback we get from guests is that accommodation is well priced. Sure you get high end luxury digs, if that’s what you are after, but if you want comfort at bargain prices, they’re not hard to find.

I will list the websites we use to market our B and B. The first link is for Hostel World aka Webres – Hostel World. Next try Safari Now and their link is here – Safari Now. Roger and Kay have Travel Selection and you can visit them by clicking on this link – Travel Selection. The A A are a tried and trusted group and I can assure you they do regular inspections to make sure standards are maintained. Click here – AA Accommodation South Africa. The other website we use is Rooms for Africa. And the link for them is here – Rooms for Africa.

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