Meeting point at Canal Walk for Toy Run®

The weather is warm and summer is almost upon us. Typical daytime temperatures for Cape Town in November are early 20’C with sunny days and cool evenings. The weather warms up progressively with February and March being the hottest months. Cape Town has a distinctly Mediterranean climate.

Today was the South African Toy Run®. Not unique to South Africa but similar in concept to other Toy Runs. Locals gathered in 19 centres across the country to drive in convoy and donate toys for underprivileged children.

The topic on every one’s lips here continues to be the murder of Anni Dewani, wife of Shrien Dewani. Most of us have had calls from friends and relatives abroad who have been swayed by the negative publicity this sad event has generated. It’s turning into a media mess of accusations and slurs.

Dr Danny Jordaan said before the 2010 Soccer World Cup, “South Africa has hosted more than 150 major events since 1994, including the Rugby World Cup, Cricket World Cup and the Indian Premier League, after India was deemed unsafe … and there was not a single incident.” Soccer World Cup 2010 attracted half a million visitors who came and left without incident. I do not believe the derogatory comments in the press about South Africa and it’s people are justified or warranted.

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