How do we tell the weather in Cape Town?
Well the old fashioned way is to read a weather report but they are not always reliable.
The other way is to look at the mountains. If the table cloth is coming down on Table Mountain then we have strong winds on the way. If there is cloud on Lion’s Head then we have rain on the way. And if there is no cloud on any of our mountains then the weather should be good.
The wind direction causes cloud formation and in turn they both create our weather.
We can also see a cold front coming in over the sea. A thick blanket of low lying cloud slowly moves in toward land and engulfs us. In the picture you can see we had rain due shortly.
We have a mountain ridge running all the way along the Cape Peninsula to Cape Point. The one side is the rainy side and is lush and verdant. The other side much drier and the vegetation is sparse and bushy by comparison.

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