Mini bus taxis

How does one get about Cape Town?
It depends … Long haul – one can do coach buses such as Intercape or fly with One Time, SAA, BA or Kulula. Longish distances – would probably best in a hired car, or with Golden Arrow who have brand new buses on the roads or by train. Click here for the bus timetables – Golden Arrow bus services.

The roads in SA, although a bit of a mess at moment, are generally good. Make sure you know where you are going in advance and have a safe place to park a car.

Short trips – are best by bus or taxi. I prefer the Rikki taxis which are well priced London style cabs. Minibus taxis are widely used by most locals but they do have a bit of a reputation. The aim is to get as many people as possible to wherever as fast as possible. A bit hair raising for my constitution. I would not take one if I was the only person getting in and I would not use one at night. [see minibus taxis in the picture] I also prefer to avoid the trains.

There are many more operators out there but these ones spring to mind right now.
Is public and commercial transport safe in South Africa? We do have crime. Our crime does tend to occur in hot spots. Our crime statistics are not as scary as some South Africans insist on portraying. You can look up the crime statistics in the area you will be staying at on this link – South African Police Services.

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