Sandbar cafe on sunset trip in Camps Bay

I thought I would give some indication in this post as to what typical items might cost in Cape Town. This does not take into account flights to and from the city.

Firstly an airport shuttle from the airport to the inner city will cost around R350 excluding tip for driver. You can visit the Rikki webpage for their exact prices here – Rikkis taxis. I would use the new MyCiti airport shuttle bus which stops at the Civic Center in the heart of Cape Town and is only R50. From there you can catch a taxi which usually costs R10/km. Here is a taxi link – Cape Town taxi.

Accomodation varies obviously depending on what you are getting. Backpackers range from R250 to about R400 per room. B and B’s or guesthouses start at about R550 going up to R1200 per room. High end fancy hotels and funky art type places start at R1500 and they can reach big bucks. Visit this link to view accomodation – Sleeping Out.

Eating out is also an area where you can pay vast sums or not. It’s up to you. I LOVE the Kauai and Osumo fast food chains. But then I happen to prefer fresh and vegetarain food. You can get a breakfast wrap for R35 or a smoked salmon salad for just over R50. A large coffee will set you back about R16. Do have a look at their menu here – Kauai. If you want to go large then buy a copy of the local Eat Out guide or read it on-line here – Eat Out. Expect wine prices to start at around R80 a bottle at the average eatery. A main meal at a high end establishment will set you back about R150. See Savoy Cabbage menu here – Savoy Cabbage menu

Typical entrance fees to museums range from R15 to about R50. Tours start at around R500. Here is a link to what is on offer – Book Cape Town tours and you can expect to pay R170 for a return trip in the cable car on Table Mountain. A link to Table Mountain is here – Table Mountain.

For more money saving and travel tips visit this site – travel and safety tips in South Africa.

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