I am utterly heartbroken. Who knew a referee could dash the spirit of an entire nation in such a blatantly unfair call? How do they get away with it? Face book posts, sms’s, phone calls and newspaper headlines all saying the same thing – that ref took a bad call. He gave our goalie a red card and ignored the two off sides Uruguay players who mysteriously fell to the floor. But life goes on. I guess we are just not used to the theatrics that international players put on to score freebie kicks. I am still proud of our boys. They are above that sort of playing. Viva Bafana Bafana! Viva.

Meanwhile the debate of the vuvuzelas rages on here and abroad. The general feeling is that they lack the flair of impromptu stadium anthems and are more of a dull din than anything else. But love them or hate them, they are not going away and they now come in assorted versions. I’ve seen kuduzelas – shaped like a twisted buck horn, pack up and go vuvuzelas – they break up and reassemble. Bass and soprano vuvuzelas and of course they come in assorted colours and designs to match your outfit or national flag. There are even low noise vuvuzelas out now. And you know what they say? When in Rome ……
Photo courtesy of P Gillepsie

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