So we went to Stonehenge. I have a particular affinity with the workings of nature which includes an interest in crystals. Big boulders will do even better.

The stones were awesome, but the experience, if you can call it that, was a huge disappointment! A big fat tourist trap. Far too many people, then they rush you
£7 to enter and you still don’t get anywhere near the stones. I was left wanting to feel the stones.

Lucky for us we met a druid there who was campaigning for the return of the remains from the cairns back to the site of Stonehenge. Who knew they had ever been removed? He advised us to head 20 miles further to Avebury where we would be spoilt for stones and we could get up close and personal with them.

So we did. And we did. We will never truly know what the druids got up to as their craft was passed down orally and never committed to text. The Roman accounts indicate they might have been a bloodthirsty lot.

True to this blog I have to share that we have sacred and mystical spaces in Cape Town too. Visit the Sunpath Sacred Sites web page for some stunning pics and ideas that should make you positively want to go exploring. Stones with holes that capture the sun at certain times. Or “faces” in the mountains that look across to each other. Even ancient inscriptions on rocks. We got them too. Happy exploring!

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