I went out with a friend last night. Just before leaving home I was watching the sun set and realised how lucky we are here in Green Point to have the sunsets. On the other side of the mountain they have the sunrises. I prefer sunsets.

On a clear night the sky changes colour minute by minute as the blue sky recedes and the red sky takes over. The sun get’s bigger and bigger and then sinks into the ocean.

We went to Cubana corner Dixon and Somerset Roads. It starts out as a laid back dining sort of spot and then about 11pm the music slowly, and in a nice way slowly, get’s louder and the place begins to party. The music was a funky, salsa, jazz, dance type mix. I had two glasses of red wine, a single portion of nachos and a cup of tea. Including a 12% tip my bill came to R100 which I thought was good value. No cover charge either. Service was good. I would go back. We do tip here in South Africa. Most waitrons rely on tips for their income. Ten percent is the recommended rate to tip here.

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