Soocer cup mascots and flags on sale

In South Africa we refer to the Old South Africa and the New South Africa. The Old South Africa was the unfortunate period when we had discriminatory policies and a time most of us would prefer to forget. But we can’t and we know we never will.

The New South Africa came about on 27th April 1994 when we had our first free and fair election and with it came a new flag, new anthem and a whole new way of life. Nelson Mandela is the leader who took us into this era. Madiba, as he is known here, is loved by his people for the peaceful way he managed this transition. He united us into what Bishop Tutu called – The Rainbow Nation.

It may be that I am biased, but I do think we have a pretty flag. It has loads of bright colours which all mean something but I am not sure what. It stands boldly against most other flags.
Before the Old South Africa was a very old South Africa. A time before the draconian laws came into place. The most memorable leader during that time was Jan Smuts. His contribution to the world was the establishment of The League of Nations and he assisted in forming the United Nations.

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