South Africans take to the streets and party like the world is about to end. We are out the quarters but hey, we just beat France. Admittedly the French team is in tatters but we deserve plenty credit for playing with all our hearts.
Bafana Bafana, siya thanda wena. Translated from Zulu to English = Boys, we love you.
We could celebrate by doing Zulurobics. It’s a dance workout involving moves from Zulu warriors. Find out more at Zulurobics. Remember Shaka and his fierce army?
But I reckon most of our boys are heading to a shebeen or a tavern. It’s usually a garage or room where the guys hang out and drink helluva big bottles of beer. It’s a township thing those big beer bottles. A shebeen or tavern is the township equivalent of a bar but a lot more laid back. And yes the vuvus will be going all night long. Did they ever stop?

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