I am inconsolable at Ghana’s exit from the 2010 Soccer World Cup. Soccer is a cruel, cruel game. Nothing personal here, but, Luis Suarez of Uruguay was instrumental in the red-carding of our Bafana Bafana goalie. He was off-sides and tripped over Khune’s feet while Khune was on his back. No way did Khune deserve a red card or cause that fall. I have only just recovered from that injustice and now there is more.
In last night’s game Suarez hand-balled Ghana’s goal kick right out the net denying Ghana the goal that would have sent them through to the semi’s. His coach admits he stuck his hands out to deflect the ball.
I guess Luis Suarez is to Africa what Theirry Henry is to the Irish. Except Henry showed remorse.

Meanwhile Brazil got knocked out by the Germans and we have tickets to watch next Tuesday’s game at Casa Little Brazil. Might be more like Casa sem Brazil? Or Haus Deutschland?
Who do we support now? I know who I won’t be supporting.
Our England football guests have departed but a few guests have made the place a sanctuary to their favoured teams. It’s been so festive here. I need all the cheer I can get right now.

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