It’s not all jazz here in Africa. Some of us are partial to a bit of rock too. We don’t get as many of the major tours and shows as they do up north. South Africa is right at the bottom of Africa and for two shows at best, most musicians can’t be bothered to make the trip. But then again some do. As you can see from the poster Deep Purple, Uriah Heep and Wishbone Ash will be here next week.
And yes I am going to see them. Hope they still up to rocking.

We used to have live acts at the old Green Point Stadium. I’ve seen Bon Jovi, U2, Metallica, Crowded House and Lenny Kravitz amongst others there. After the Soccer Cup is over, I’m sure the stadium will be used for a lot more than just soccer. If you keen to take in local shows look up Computicket on-line.

I also went to the Labia theatre and saw – It might get Loud. A rockumentary on Jack White, The Edge and Jimmy Page. Brilliant! There are two Labia’s. One on Orange Street and the other on Kloof Street. You can see what’s on by looking up their web page. It’s usually interesting stuff and nothing like the rubbish on offer at mainstream cinemas.

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