The sun is shining and the parties are happening all around us. Last weekend was the annual MCQP party at Green Point Stadium. The Mother City Queer Project as it is known by it’s full name. Friends who went said there were over 100 000 revellers. You can find photos or spot your mates if you go to the the wall at Gaydar

I was scratching around in a vintage clothing shop in Long Street the day before MCQP, when and a prim and proper Nordic looking bloke came in asking for a floral shirt. The shop assistant said that all his “friends” had bought up the floral shirts and there was not much to choose from. I could see him visibly taken aback by the lady’s most un PC comment. He took offence at her assuming she knew who his “friends” were. She checked to make sure he was going to the MCQP party? Yes he was. “Ag, don’t worry”, said the shop assistant feeling sorry for him, “If they are not your friends now, they will be after the party.” It was such a sincere gesture on her part and no malice intended. That is South Africa for you. Warm, well meaning and sometimes a little too in your face for comfort.

Next up on the festival calendar is the march of the minstrels. Every year since I can remember there are fights between the minstrels and just about everyone. The carnival goes back to the days when slaves on the American ships used to dress up and march with big brass bands to entertain the sailors. Why all the fighting? We all want the minstrels to march, don’t get me wrong. We just don’t want them marching near us. Why so? The minstrels are an enthusiastic lot. The enthusiasm can get a little out of hand. Need I say more?

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Photo courtesy SA Tourism

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