Yes, that is a Zebra in the street. No it’s not real. There were a few initiatives prior to the Soccer World Cup to allow artists free reign to express themselves. Some really wild looking animals pitched up. We also gained a series of statues featuring a young girl in a striped swimsuit accompanied by some wings along the Promenade. It’s all about being young and finding yourself. The girl is staying there for a year.

We don’t get much thunder here in Cape Town. A murmur makes the news here. The highveldt often has spectacular thunderstorms. They can be frightening and even dangerous but then they breed them tough up there. The Afrikaans word for thunder is donder. Now if I say someone is bedonnerd, it means they are either mad or enraged. The Zulu word for loud noise or thunder is laduma. Soccer fans shout long slow laduuuumas when a goal is scored. Isn’t it amazing that in one place and one space, one word can mean so much?

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