Mountains outside Simonstown

You need maps to get about. And if you can find them free on-line, well all the better. This post has a few of the best maps I could find.

Google maps is a no brainer. They probably have the best on-line maps. Find local maps here – Google Maps. For another place to plot your route you can look at this site – Street maps. Cape Town Travel also have great maps for you. Click on this link – map city centre. You could let someone else do all the planning for your road trip. Road travel do it all for you.

Three not to be missed driving routes in the Western Cape are: – The Cederberg Spine (Cederberg), The Garden Route (Garden Route) and Route 62 (Route 62.)

Just a few rules of the road. We drive on the left hand side of the road. Do not park on a red line or a yellow line. You could find your car has been removed. Do not park on the pavement. You might think that you are keeping the roads clear but pavements are for pedestrians. Although local traffic officers aren’t always vigilant about this law, every now and again they go mad and dispense tickets. Don’t park facing oncoming traffic. Although legal in many countries, it is illegal in South Africa.

Lastly, don’t leave valuables in the car or leave anything visible to passersby. Your old jersey on the car seat might be just what a homeless person needs. For more useful tips visit the Cape Town City Council web page here – Useful tips. Another site with lots of money saving and travel and safety tips for South Africa is here – travel and safety tips in South Africa

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