Sunset from Milnerton

The million dollar question being asked in South Africa is … how will Bafana-Bafana fare in the Soccer Cup? Will we be proud or die of shame?

Since I know nothing about soccer I have two ways of finding out. I ask people who consider themselves experts and I follow the sports reports, opinions and blogs. Our boys are not in good shape right now. Time spent scrolling through the comments after a Bafana-Bafana game gone wrong is better than a night out at stand up comedy. Disappointed fans give vent to their feelings in the funniest words.

Let’s just say that short of a miracle commensurate with the parting of the water by God for Moses, there is a good chance South Africans are not going to see their team still standing in the finals. Who then do we deem our honorary team so we can feel part of the games?
Photo courtesy Andrew Cross

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