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In the last post I gave ideas for budgeting. In this post I wanted to talk about how to get hold of local currency. I think it is fair to say that Africa falls into a big broad category in many people’s minds. Having been to Zanzibar Island, Swaziland, Zimbabwe and even parts of South Africa, I am aware that getting hold of cash and banking transactions can be um, tricky.
Cape Town and most of South Africa is pretty much first world with regard to banking. Obviously the more rural and rustic the area you visit, the less likely you are to have modern means. Big cities have the usual operators like Thomas Cook and American Express. Our local banks have a bureau de change office in the bigger banks. 
You should easily be able to draw cash from a hole in the wall and use your credit cards in South Africa. We call our cash machines ATMs, short for auto teller machines. Just be aware that not all petrol vendors accept plastic. And do exercise caution withdrawing large sums of money from isolated auto cash machines at night.
It’s worth a mention that South African banking systems have not been victim to the disasters that many western banks have. We have strict laws pertaining to loans and mortgages. It’s harder to owe money here. Which is a good thing if you ask me.
I have been forwarded a link for a competition for a free holiday into Africa. I am heading off in a month to do a Southern African trip from Cape Town, through Namibia, into Botswana, then Vic Falls and I end up in Gauteng or Johannesburg. Maybe you can win a trip? Here is the link competition.
Photo courtesy of Gillian Ress

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